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Patberg, Carmody & Ging is a Pennsylvania law firm representing consumers, small businesses, the injured and municipalities. We are a full service law firm comprised of client-oriented attorneys, diligently representing the rights of their clients through litigation. 
Patberg, Carmody & Ging serves all of Western Pennsylvania and all counties west of Harrisburg.

Sudden Emergency Doctrines

On February 22, 2013, the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued an opinion in the matter of Shiner v. Ralston addressing Pennsylvania's sudden medical emergency doctrine in the context of an automobile accident.  The Superior Court is the Pennsylvania intermediate appellate court between the trial court and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. An individual will not be held to the usual degree of care when confronted with a sudden and unexpected position of peril. It does not relieve the individual of all responsibility in his or her conduct.  There is also the sudden emergency defense which is due to a sudden loss of consciousness or incapacitation.  These two defenses arise in situations such as a sudden heart attack or stroke, that could not have been foreseen.  This is usually a question for a jury decide.  If you have questions about either emergency doctrine, call Patberg, Carmody & Ging at 412-232-3500 or 1-800-471-6880.  A copy of the Court's decision is attached. To read more about  the case see the attached Opinion.

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Our mission is to assist our clients through the legal process while they recover from their injuries and losses without delay. We recognize the significant hardships that are imposed upon victims and their families as a result of the wrongful acts of others. One of the express purposes of this website is to provide both legal and medical information to assist clients in making informed decisions about their injuries and their cases. We work to relieve the anxiety concerning victims of medical negligence, automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, worker's compensation claims, or others who have been wrongfully injured by the acts or products of others.

We also represent businesses and consumers who have been defrauded by the wrongful acts of others. We practice in the areas of securities litigation, creditors' rights, and asset retrieval. We understand the importance of a promise and will enforce that promise on behalf of consumers and small businesses.

We present this website as an invitation to learn about our law firm, the services we render and the lawyers involved. You may contact us through email at or at our toll free number at 1-800-471-6880.

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